Eminence Cup

As Championships begin in 2022, Eminence Cup sets the scene for something much larger than average.

International DanceSport Tournament

The specter of Covid-19 has loomed large over the DanceSport industry across the world. As case after case rolled into the news and the numbers began to climb, there was fear everywhere in the air. Though most DanceSport athletes worldwide continued to train rigorously for planned competitions, the fear was tangible. The enforced cancellations of National and International Championships were disheartening for DanceSport athletes, fans, and lovers- but the industry was built on the idea of community, touch, feel, and family. The foundation of DanceSport is based on the physical closeness of people, brought together to share and experience a passion and love for dancing. This passion and love have kept DanceSport alive during an era of cancellation, isolation, and dissolution for many other industries.

Now, it is time to revive and to rejoin, as we fight forward to bring athletes, judges, adjudicators, fans, and spectators together from all over the world and from all cross federations for a newfound Tournament that inspires everything that DanceSport is meant to make us feel – Alive!

As Championships begin in 2022, Eminence Cup sets the scene for something much larger than average. It is the beginning of something spectacular, surreal, and unmatched – competing for the title of world’s Best of the Best, athletes across the globe are coming together to participate in this event that will remind the world that DanceSport is here to stay.

The objective of the Eminence Cup is to bring together the DanceSport community in a fun, passionate, and inspiring display of entertaining athleticism, where athletes from across federations will compete for an important and well-desired title.

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Eminence Cup
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