Our The Art of DanceSport Program: Experience the Joy of Ballroom Dancing at our DanceSport Studio

January 1, 2022by Boris Blank0

Welcome to DanceSport Studio!

DanceSport Studio (DSS) is welcoming to join its dancing family at Medford, New Jersey, training facility to experience the fun and joy of Ballroom Dancing!

Dancing benefits people of all ages, from little tots to teenagers to working adults and beloved elders. So even if you have never taken a dance step in your entire life, don’t worry! Our DSS specialized instructors are here to lead you and help you open up to the beautiful world of dance.

DSS offers both children and adults programs, competitive and social dancing programs – there is an option for everyone. DSS’s experienced instructors are available for wedding dance lessons for the bride and groom, father and mother, and wedding groups. Similarly, we can host, choreograph, and instruct small to large parties and events in Ballroom and Latin dancing styles.


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